Reopening Information


Memberships will be extended 3 months from June 15. If all goes well we hope to have all parts of the building reopened by then. So for example if your membership was set to expire on July 5 it will now be extended until October 5. If your membership expired during our closure it will be extended the remaining amount of days from June 15. We closed March 15, so if your membership ended on March 20 it will be extended 5 days from June 15 to June 20.

Special Weight & Cardio Room “Senior Only” Hours (Age 60+)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8am-10am

*Please respect senior’s time as they are a vulnerable population during this pandemic.

Food In The Building

Coffee will not be offered due to the added touch point and congregation it encourages.
Concessions will be offered on a strictly to go basis and will be limited